Quizizz Bot – Send 100s of Spam Bots to Quizizz Game

Quizizz Bot is a simple tool designed for those students who want to have fun in classroom with their teachers.

Using our all in one tool you can send a number of bots to any Quiz that your teacher has asked you to solve.

Its, simple, quick and easy to use. So let’s get started with Quizizz bot.

Generate your Use ID from this page.

How Does Quizizz Bot Work?

Whenever you want to send spam bots to any Quiz or just want to flood any Quizizz bot using our tool you can use it.

As far as its working method is concerned we use a very simple method, we join the game using multiple players and ultimately you get to see a huge number of players on the game.

Moreover, it is also not easy to detect when or who is utilizing this.

How to Use Quizizz Bot Flood?

Since you want to send fake users or just want Quizizz bot generator you can do this only using the game pin which your teacher will provide you.

Just follow the below mentioned steps and you are good to go.

  • Your teacher must have provided you with a unique game PIN which is used for this purpose.
  • Enter the PIN on the above linked tool.
  • After that enter the user ID which you can get by clicking on the generate user ID it is important for using Quizizz Bot.
  • Wait a few seconds and the next screen and the bots generator will start flooding the targeted quiz.

Is it Safe to Use Quizizz Bot?

As the bot flooder is a fun tool and is only recommended for having fun in your classroom with your teacher.

But I wouldn’t recommend you to use it anywhere just because of the fact that you may be caught flooding the Quizizz and may be punished.

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