Download Deezloader Final Version v4.4.1 For Free

Deezer is really a very cool app but it really lacks the features like offline mode in the free version and other things like you cannot make unlimited skips, cannot use more than one device for one account and a lot more differences are present in the app.

The main reason which the Deezloader is loved by the users is the quality of the songs and the music they provide but as we all know they charge a monthly subscription fee which is not affordable for everyone so people search for its Deezloader or Deezer Mod version so that they can get the premium features for free of cost.

Download Deezloader

As of March 2016, Deezer has started taking actions against the Deezloader and the other related apps to it which was causing a lot of losing to Deezer as people have started leaving the paid subscription and had joined the Deezloader and Deezer downloader services which cause a lot of losses to the company.

For Android

There are multiple download links for the same file if one doesn’t work others should work.

For Windows

Below are installable download links of both 32 and 64-bit duplicate files if one link doesn’t work try another.

Below are portable version download links of both 32 and 64-bit files if one link doesn’t work try another.

For Mac

For Linux

Below are installable download links of both 32 and 64-bit same files if one link doesn’t work try another.

So, Deezer took action and take down all the sites or services that we’re providing the download links to the Deezloader or any other service like this.

Now, there is not any reliable source to download the app on our smartphone, or on any other device.

That is why we cannot give you the download links directly here but you can click on the below button to download the Premium Mod version of the app which you can use to get the premium features of the application for free of cost and it will be of great use for you.

Information About Deezloader

Now that you are going to install the application from its package file (apk) you should be aware of the important things like which version of Android does it requires what is the Apk size and other important things like this. For your assistance, I have created a table which you can see below and it contains all the information about the Deezloader.

Size24.61 MB
Last Updated18 Jan 2022
No. of Downloads347,253

A Few Features of Deezloader

Deezloader is a very good app for the user of Deezer as it has all the things which a music lover will love and when you get it for free it becomes a golden opportunity.

  • Easily Download FLAC/MP3-320 music from Deezer app.
  • Music tracks can be searched within a few clicks.
  • Download any tracks which you loved simply by clicking the save for offline.
  • Grab a list of tracks at a time and save them for later use.
  • Download the full track book of any artist or even full Album.
  • Neat, clean, simple and easy to use application.
  • Free version costs nothing and provides the great user experience.

Final Words

So, my friends I just hope you have found that you cannot get the Deezloader now because of the Deezer has started removing it as it was causing a headache for them as was also a source of great loss for the company.